Justin - Lead Vocals/Harp/Percussion 

Justin’s Biography

Star sign: ๘۵یฌฑỒ ~(complicated pictogram meaning), ‘last to arrive, first to leave, least to carry’

Musical Influences: Many and diverse, Marvin Gay to Papa Roach, paying attention to Steve Miller, Van the man, Yes and of course the king of Queens, Sir Elton (put those flowers over there) John. More traditional Blues influences such as Muddy Waters, Jonny Johnson and Buddy Guy and some Ray Charles’ stuff will get me nodding in appreciation. Newer bands that have caught my ear include, Reef, The Manics, Phonics, D12, and a local band called Fleet.

Favourite Albums: Van Morrison’s greatest hits and Evanescence’s ‘Fallen’

Favourite Films: ‘Shakespeare in love’, ‘revenge of the Killer bikini vampire beach babes’ and I thought the little dog in ‘Van Helsing’ was quite cute, mind you, so was Ms Beckinsale.

Favourite food: I would have to agree with Dave on that, Italian closely followed by Thai, French and Moroccan.

Favourite Book: Errrr promise you won’t laugh ?…. Anything by Terry Pratchett, Asimov, Steven King, Len Deighton. If you get time and have the inclination, get a hold of ‘BILLY’ by Pamela Stevenson, Billy Connollys’ Biography…’Fascinating’.

Favourite Quote: “I hear what you’re saying but it just sounds likes bla bla bla bla bla” For the Anoraks:

Equipment list, Sure SM58, Trantor wireless feedback monitor, Allum-mag high tensile tri-leg super adjustable microphone facilitator. Love egg, GT 2000 Turbo Tambourine, Honer blues harps.

Fantasy History: 1980 Having politely then not so politely refused to be introduced to Shane MaGowens’ dentist, the totally rat arsed but highly persuasive Pogues lead singer managed to entice me into ‘getting up’ and “doing dat fockin shite number, you know de one where it goes Shal a La la la la la in de Middle”…. So I got up and sang Brown Eyed Girl in front of 3 and half people in the Frog and Furkin Fulham, to rapturous applause. That was it, I was hooked, having women throw themselves and their knickers at you when you’re young and impressionable is a real eye opener, I soon realised however the ones that took a running jump were the ones to avoid as jealous boyfriends never seemed too far behind. After a brief spell in an experimental Boy-band ‘Take This’, I got thoroughly disenchanted by the ruthlessness of certain music industry fat cats who insisted on controlling virtually every aspect of the bands life, including having to hand over all the knickers that were thrown at me. The parting of the ways came as no surprise to some, they’d been planning for months to change the name of the group from This to That and I found my dressing room suddenly occupied by a self important, chubby and very gay twat from Stoke. “Rob you tuneless, talentless moron, I hope you fall on your wallet and dislocate your hip!!! I then hooked up with a few guys playing in bars, the Band was the ‘The Breakers’ and for nearly 6 years we toured, gigged and got laid, sometimes we even got paid. We rocked and my knickers collection grew exponentially. Then, like all good things, it ended. then it ended again, and then ended for the third and final time. (however, this time due to slight of hand and a false draw, it ended with me keeping all the knickers). The opportunity to join Loaded Dice came along and needing to express myself musically, vocally and underwear-illy I joined as singer to this talented band. So come and see us, ladies bring your knickers and remember, you can’t throw what you can’t get off…..Skirts rule!!!!






Nick Tate - Bass/Vocals

Star sign : Pisces – dreamer, artistic, indecisive, vague – all perfect traits for an accountant!

Musical Influences : Everything from Albinoni to ZZ Top Favourite food : Sunday Roast, Italian, Chinese, French, Real Ale, Red Wine, Malt Scotch…………

Favourite films : Blues Brothers (I & II) Favourite book : Willian’s Tax Tables (Not a great read but I’ve bought it twice a year for more years that I care to remember so it can’t be too bad)

Favourite Quote : “I’m playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order” – Eric Morecombe

Equipment list : Iceni Zoot Boudicca 5 string bass, Yamaha BBG 5 sting Bass, Tokai Hard Puncher 4 string Bass,


Mark Bass Little Mark II Amp, Aguilar GS410 cab (this week, but bass players are prone to GAS).

Bandography or Musical History : Studied classical Cello and Piano from the age of 5. Took up the bass at school because nobody else played it (same story as every other bass player). Being the bass player my life is incredibly dull as I am destined to stand at the back and look very un-cool. Where ever possible we try to stand behind interesting people. Having auditioned for The Pussy Cat Dolls and Girls Aloud I ended up in Loaded Dice. Justin is interesting in his own way but somehow the appeal is not quite the same. I have shared a stage with all the great names in rock: Cream, Hendrix, Queen, Genesis, Bon Jovi, Elton John, etc. Unfortunately none of them were at the Albert Hall on the nights I played there!!!!!!

Nick in The Shadowkings






Paul - Guitar/Vocals

Band bio for - Paul, ( I saw them live once).

Star sign – Bad, (Been down since I began to crawl).

Musical Influences – Chamber music during potty training, followed during adolescence by Blues/Beatles/Stones/Steppenwolf/Neil Young/Family/Clapton and many others too numerous to mention.

Favourite Album – Herbal pipe music of brick lane Favourite food – Slug & lettuce, (Provided slug killed humanely due to being a vegetarian).

Favourite film – 1 flew over the cuckoo’s nest Favourite book – It – Stephen King

Favourite Quote – Work is for clocks, leisure should be timeless

Equipment list – US Fender strat/ Epiphone Sorrento/Marshall vs100 stack/Boss effects pedal/Spare strings & plectrums for Dave/ Occasional use of Justin’s love egg, (Strategically placed of course)! Also roadie for one of Alan’s wedges, (Preferably the one without the fucking great splinter)!

Musical History – picked up a guitar at 16 and never got bored with it since. First group orgasm with , “The Occasionals) , multi orgasms then with Loaded Dice, the best thing us lads ever created. Note to the punters: Please beware of Tony’s light of death, it has been known to cause strange spasms of a strobe like effect caused by intermittent reflections from the numerous wide partings on stage. (Excluding Justin, of course, from whom the inspiration came for the name “Loaded Dice”, as he was the only one loaded with hair follicles and Dice rhymed with lice)! Due to the passing of time however, we may have to revisit the name and become , “Unloaded Lice".





Tony - Saxophone/Vocals/Percussion

Band bio for - Tony Ace Sax Player

Star sign – Sign of the Twin Saxes

Musical Influences – Van der Graff Generator, Roxy Music, Burlesque, David Bowie, King Curtis and Split Enz.

Favourite food – Castle Mayne 30mm Kebab, Jamaican Breakfast

Favourite films – Great Race, Animal House Favourite book – Hayne's workshop manual

Favourite Quote – Would you like to blow on my big one?? mine's shinier than yours!!

Equipment list – Selmer SA80 mkIII Tenor Sax with Otto Link 8x metal Mouthpiece, BG Ligature, Rico Jazz select 2.5 reeds Yamaha 6Z Alto Sax with Otto Link 8x metal Mouthpiece, BG Ligature, Rico Jazz select 2.5 reeds SD sax mic - AKG radio link - Zoom effects unit

Bandography – Tokyo Rose, AWOL, Siren, Twin Red Line, Tear Fund, Shattered Hearts, Chain Gang, Occasionals, Rol'am, Loaded Dice





Liam - Drums/Vocals


Drums = Sonor Delight in birds eye finish.

Cymbals = Zildjian all round.

Star sign =  2 triangles, 1 upside down. 

Favourite bands = elastic-a  were good; but now I use paper clips.

Favourite album = Air show 98. (got some great shots).

Musical influences = HMV

Musical skill = The ability to repeat things accurately.  The ability to repeat things accurately.  The ability to repeat things accurately.  The ability to repeat things accurately.  The ability to repeat things accurately.......


Favourite Quote = "Is our children still learning"?   ( George W Bush; ).  


Jeff - Guitar/Vocals




Band Bio for - Jeff 2 Sheds

Star sign Darian Tom.

Musical influences; Les Dawson, and any Guitarist with long hair, just a few with short. Favourite album; Toss up between The Rutles Greatest Hits and Dolly Parton’s.

Favourite food; Sweet and Sour Kebab.

Favourite film; Cling, with PVA Wrap second.

Favourite book; Boss GT8 Owners Manual 

Favourite quote; ‘No it’s in Bb fool’…. Mr T playing ‘Flip Flop Fly’

Equipment list; HP Peavey Special, Line 6 Variax 500, 1976 Gibson Explorer, AriaPro ll,

Flying V, 3 x Ashton 50 Watt Viper 1 x 12 valve amps, Boss GT8 pedal board

Bands Biograpghy: Smaug, Dan Dare, Duo Denum, 13, Milstead Quartet, Take 4, Fascination, Cash, The Doo Dar Zars, Bar Room Blitz, T34, Load Dice.


Brings us to the here and now, and I have to say that this is THE best band I have ever had the luck to join, I have to say that not because they told me to, or suggested I should, or pointed out it would be better if I did, no, it’s because they are indeed the best bunch of musicians / lads I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing the rehearsal costs with, even though I don’t get any change, but long may it continue….. see you at the gigs!